"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

– Seneca
what matters: what we look for in your plan

For the Khosla Impact Fund, we assume that you have already identified a market, built a team and developed a product or service. Though there will be substantial risk in the business, it should exist primarily on the revenue, not product development side.

We are willing to accept technology risk if it is not fundamental to the existence of the company.

Companies entirely dependent on technologies not yet productized are generally best suited for the Khosla Seed Fund.

problem overview

• What is the problem you are trying to solve? Can you define the company purpose in
one sentence?
• What are the alternatives to your solution and what is the status quo?
• The poor are often poor for a reason (or many), what is the key insight you have
developed about this problem that was not apparent to local authorities, businesses or aid professionals?
• Why would your product or service convince the poor to part with their hard-earned savings or change behaviors?
• What would be the result of succeeding? How many lives would be affected? How big of a company could you become?

your team

• Who are you and why are you doing this? Why are you qualified to lead this company? Are you the long-term CEO?
• Who are the stars on your team? Why did you hire them? What skill sets or gaps remain unfilled?
• Do you have the right “DNA” to solve this problem? What is your company culture and core competency?

local context

• Do you face any unique risks because you operate in a politically sensitive region or segment of the economy?
• How will you turn powerful incumbent institutions (telcos, banks, gov’t) into allies or partners? Can you learn from their successes or neutralize the dangers their size presents to your business?