"Good things, when short, are twice as good. "

– Baltasar Gracian,
The Art of Worldly
what we care about: submit a business plan

If your plan fits our investment criteria, we would like to hear from you.

The plan does not need to be fancy or long but should address the key points articulated in the “what we care about” sections.

We like concise, 10-15 page slide decks that summarize the business plan, addressing critical questions and outlining the opportunities as well as the risks.

The Driptech plan from February 2011, is a good example of what we look for.

We don’t sign NDAs as a matter of policy, but nothing you send us will be shared outside Khosla Impact and Khosla Ventures without your permission.

Every business plan within our investment areas will be reviewed. Due to the volume of plans and materials we are not able to respond to all plans that do not meet our criteria, and it may take some time for us to review yours.

Personal referrals through shared connections are helpful but not necessary.

Submit a business plan