"If the reason you’re taking on a mission is for the money you’ll make, I believe you’ll fail."

– John Doerr
what we care about: overview

At Khosla Impact we are interested in companies who’s products or services meaningfully improve the standard of living or earning capacity of people in the bottom half of the world’s economic pyramid. That means the sectors we look at vary from life essentials like clean and accessible water, on-demand energy and affordable healthcare, to tools for economic empowerment like information-based platforms, education, mobile marketplaces, and agricultural supply chains.

Fundamentally, we like entrepreneurs who are deeply passionate about solving hard problems. The teams we back are excited, not intimidated, by the unique challenge of delivering a compelling value proposition under extreme constraints.

We want to see “A” teams and founders– entrepreneurs who operate in, and deeply understand their target market, but also know their weaknesses and are actively building strong teams to fill in those knowledge gaps. We expect you and your team to be high performers that could be successful whether you were building a company in Silicon Valley or Kibera. Just because it’s a “social enterprise” doesn’t mean it can be second rate.

Finally, we want to understand what you are looking for from Khosla Impact? Why have you sought us out specifically?

Broadly, a venture that we back offers one or more (and ideally many) of the factors below:…targets a vast and crucial problem that affects millions of vulnerable people, and by way of business model, turns this problem into a market.
…has achieved new and substantial product design or technology innovation based on research-driven, ethnographic insights.
…enables radically new unit economics that could destroy a monopoly, or obviate traditional means of resource allocation.
…has the potential to improve the ROI of low-income people, or meaningfully reduce their expenses.
…has high scalability with limited capital intensity.
…the risks are identified (to the extent possible) upfront.